Your 2024 planner is here!

The ultimate planner for small business owners who want to grow their business and website in 2024!

The Website Glow Up planner will help you grow your website improve your SEO and organise your business in 2024.

Do you want help and support with your website all year round, but can’t afford to hire a web designer or SEO expert to give your the advice you need? The Website Planner is the ultimate business planner for 2024 you need to give your website, SEO and business the ultimate glow up! 

If the world of SEO boggles your brain more than the twists and turns in Married at First Sight, then The Website Glow Up Planner will be your perfect partner in 2024.  

The Website Glow Up Planner is the perfect guide to helping understand what SEO is to help you keep your website up to date to make Google and your ideal clients fall in love with you – possibly at first sight! 😍

Packed with 337 pages The Website Glow Up Planner is the ultimate planner to turn your website into a sales and marketing machine.

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What’s inside the The Website Glow Up Planner?

Quick Guide to SEO: Unlock the mysteries of SEO with a straightforward guide that explains what SEO is, and why it’s important

Vision Board: Plan out where you want to be in 12 months in life and business  and let’s make it happen .

Blogging Checklist: Craft compelling content with a checklist that ensures every blog post is a traffic magnet.

Monthly Website Tips: Stay ahead of the curve with timely tips for each month to keep your website in peak condition.

Website Goal Setting: Stop the overwhelm of what you need to do each month on your site and plan it out

Business Goal Setting: Your website is just part of the plan – set your business goals so everything works together .

Keyword Tracking: Never lose sight of your keywords’ performance with a dedicated tracking section.

Month View: Keep the big picture in focus with monthly overviews 

Weekly View with Content Space: Plan your content with ease in the weekly view, so you know what to post each day, as well as what’s happening in your business 

Website and Social Media Stat Tracker: Stay in the loop with a section to monitor your website and social media statistics.

Sales Tracker: If you’re not making sales,you’ve got an expensive hobby! The planner will help you keep track each month.

And so much more!

With a dimension of 17.78 x 1.93 x 25.4 cm, this planner is the perfect desk (or bag) companion for your 2024 business journey!

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