Learn how to create your own WordPress website

DIY WordPress website course

Take control of your website and online presence, and not have to rely on web designers to make amends to your site again

The ultimate WordPress DIY course is coming 

Have you been told WordPress is the best platform for your website, but to be honest, it scares you a bit and you have no idea how it works? 

Do you wish you could confidently make the necessary updates and changes to your site without waiting days or even weeks for a website designer to do it for you? 

My WordPress DIY course will take you through everything you need as a business owner to design and manage your own WordPress website with ease. 

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Katrina has everything you will need to make your WordPress site a reality. Her training is clear, and broken down into simple to follow steps. I have literally gone from being totally clueless about WordPress to absolutely loving it. Katrina’s dedication to her students is truly the stuff of dreams – no question goes unanswered, no problem is unsolved. She is so lovely to talk to, and so easy to learn from – truly the Queen of WordPress.

Carmen Jean